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Title Abbreviation Status Current title
A Debreceni Déri Múzeum évkönyve Debreceni Deri Muz evk No longer indexed
Dacia Dacia No longer indexed
Dance research journal Dance Res J No longer indexed
Dansalan quarterly Dansalan Q No longer indexed
Datini Datini No longer indexed
Dédalo revista de arte e arqueologia Dedalo No longer indexed
Demography Demography Selectively indexed
Dental anthropology Dent Anthrop No longer indexed
Dental anthropology newsletter Dent Anthrop No longer indexed
Development anthropologist Dev Anthrop Ceased publication
Development anthropology network Dev Anthrop Ceased publication
Development bulletin Dev Bull No longer indexed
Development in practice Dev Pract No longer indexed
Diadora Diadora Currently Indexed
Dialectical anthropology Dialect Anthrop Selectively indexed
Dimensión Antropológica Dim Antrop No longer indexed
Din Traditiile populare ale Românilor din Ungaria Din Trad pop Rom Ung No longer indexed
Diogene oggi: rivista di cultura e critica delle idee Diogene oggi Ceased publication
Dissertationes ethnologiae Universitatis Tartuensis Diss ethnol Univ Tartu No longer indexed
Dolnoslaskie wiadomosci prahistoryczne Dolnoslask wiad prahist Currently Indexed
Domodomo Domodomo No longer indexed
Dossiers de l'archéologie: document archéologia Doss Archeol No longer indexed
Driemaandelijks bulletin de Vrienden van het Etnografisch Museum Antwerpen Driemaand Bull Antwerp No longer indexed
Durkheimian Studies/Etudes Durkheimiennes Durk Stud Currently Indexed
Dyn Dyn Ceased publication
The digging stick Digging Stick Selectively indexed
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