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Title Abbreviation Status Current title
Kachikachicha Kachikachicha Ceased publication
Kaogu Kaogu No longer indexed
Kaogu Xuebao Kaogu Xuebao Selectively indexed
Kaos: parcours des mondes Kaos No longer indexed
Kavkazskiy etnograficheskiy sbornik Kavkaz etnogr Sborn Tbilisi Ceased publication
Kenya past and present Kenya Past Pres No longer indexed
Khipu Khipu Ceased publication
Kleine Beiträge Kl Beitr Dresden Ceased publication
Kobie: antropología cultural Kobie Currently Indexed
Kon-Tiki Museum occasional papers Kon-Tiki Mus occ Pap Currently Indexed
Konteksty: antropologia, kultury, etnografia, sztuka Konteksty Selectively indexed
Közlemenjek Kozlemenjek No longer indexed
Kratkiie soobshcheniia Instituta Arkheologii Kratk Soobshch Inst Arkheol Moscow No longer indexed
Kratkiye soobshcheniya o dokladakh i polevykh issledovaniyakh Instituta Istorii material'noy Kultury Kratk Soobshch Inst Arkheol Moscow No longer indexed
Kroeber Anthropological Society papers Kroeber anthrop Soc Pap Currently Indexed
Kulele: occasional papers on Pacific music and dance Kulele No longer indexed
Kultura popullore Kult pop No longer indexed
Kul’tura i vremia: obschchestvemo – nauchny i khudozhestvenyi zhurnal Kul vrem Selectively indexed
Kunstkamera: etnograficheskie tetradi Kunstkamera Ceased publication
Kur’er Petrovskoi Kunstkamery Kur’er Petr Kunst No longer indexed
Kyoto University African studies Kyoto Univ Afr Stud No longer indexed
The kiva Kiva Currently Indexed
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