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Title Abbreviation Status Current title
Tabula (Budapest) Tabula No longer indexed
Taiwan journal of anthropology Taiwan J Anthrop Currently Indexed
Taloha Taloha Selectively indexed
Taltalia: Revista del Museo Augusto Capdeville Rojas Taltalia Selectively indexed
Tanganyika notes and records Tanzania Notes No longer indexed
Tanzania notes and records Tanzania Notes No longer indexed
Tautosakos Darbai (NS) Tautosakos darb (NS) Selectively indexed
Tawantinsuyu: an international journal of Inka studies Tawantinsuyu. Int J Inka Stud Ceased publication
Teaching Anthropology Teach anthrop Selectively indexed
Tebiwa Tebiwa Ceased publication
Tebtebba Tebtebba Selectively indexed
Techniques et culture Techn Cult Currently Indexed
Temas antropológicos. Revista científica de investigaciones regionales. Temas Antrop No longer indexed
Temenos Temenos Currently Indexed
Temenos: Nordic journal of comparative religion Temenos Currently Indexed
Tempus: archaeology and material culture studies in anthropology Tempus No longer indexed
Ten Den Zen: jahrbuch Über Museum Bremen Ten Den Zen No longer indexed
Tennessee Anthropological Association newsletter Tenn anthrop Ass Newsl No longer indexed
Tennessee anthropologist Tenn Anthrop Ceased publication
Tennessee archaeologist Tenn Archaeol Ceased publication
Terra indígena Terra indig No longer indexed
Terrain Terrain Currently Indexed
Textile history Text Hist Selectively indexed
Textile Museum journal Text Mus J Ceased publication
Textile: the journal of cloth and culture Text J cloth Cult Selectively indexed
Textiles Asia Text Asia Currently Indexed
Thai-Yunnan Project newsletter Thai-Yunnan Project Newsl Ceased publication
The Turtle Islander Turtle Isl No longer indexed
Theory, culture and society: explorations in critical social science Theory Cult Soc Selectively indexed
Third text: third world perspectives on contemporary art and culture Third Text No longer indexed
Thraco-Dacica Thraco-Dacica No longer indexed
Thule: rivista italiana di studi americanistici Thule Selectively indexed
Tidsskrift for kulturforskning Tids Kulturfor Selectively indexed
Time and mind Time Mind Selectively indexed
Time and society Time Soc Selectively indexed
Tools and tillage Tools Tillage No longer indexed
Tor Tor No longer indexed
Tourist studies Tourist Stud Selectively indexed
Trabajos de antropología Trab Antrop No longer indexed
Trabajos del Instituto Bernardino de Sahagún de Antropología y Etnología Trab Antrop No longer indexed
Trabajos y conferencias Seminario de Estudios americanistas Rev esp Antrop amer Currently Indexed
Trabalhos de antropologia e etnologia Trab Antrop Etnol Selectively indexed
TRACE: travaux et recherches dans les Amériques du centre Trace Selectively indexed
Traditional dwellings and settlements review: journal of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments Trad Dwelling Settlement Rev Selectively indexed
Traditiones: zbornik Instituta za Slovensko narodopisje Traditiones: acta Inst ethn Slov Selectively indexed
Trames: a journal of the humanities and social sciences Trames No longer indexed
Transactions and proceedings of the Fiji Society Trans Proc Fiji Soc Ceased publication
Transactions of the Rhodesia Scientific Association Trans Zimb sci Ass Ceased publication
Transactions of the Westermarck Society Trans Westermarck Soc Ceased publication
Transactions of the Zimbabwe Scientific Association Trans Zimb sci Ass Ceased publication