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The evolution of the Buddhist rakṣā genre in the light of new evidence from Gandhāra: the *Manaski-nāgarāja-sūtra from the Bajaur Collection of Kharoṣṭhī manuscripts 2014 Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) 77 (1): 63-84
  • Ingo Strauch
H6/KW [LONDON-] 0041-977X
Aniconism revised: different approaches for interpreting early Buddhist art 2002 Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia (São Paulo) 12 (): 177-203
  • Cibele E. V. Aldovrandi
Applications of petrography and electron microprobe analysis to the study of Indian stone sculpture 1992 Archaeometry 34 (2): 163-74
  • R Newman
A dated Gandhara sculpture of the year 400 1991 Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal 33 (): 87-9
  • B N Mukherji
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